Fund Raising opportunities through travel for 501c3 corporations and other registered charities available through Scots-American Travel Advisors

Group Travel Program ◊

We are able to create customized group travel arrangements which are tailored to meet your organization's requirements and your donor's specific interests. These can encompass coach tours in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and France, exclusive rental of castles and manor houses, exclusive use of luxury residential barge tours in France, Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany and Italy, exclusive hire or group travel arrangements on the Royal Scotsman luxury train in Scotland, group golf programs in Scotland, Ireland, England, Spain, Portugal and South Africa, a privately escorted wine tour of Bordeaux, transatlantic crossings on Cunard and cruises offered by Carnival, Cunard, Holland America Line and Princess cruise lines.

An Agreed mark up is added to the cost of the group travel arrangements which, subject to tax professional advice, constitutes a tax deductible donation form the participant to the charity. On some of the cruise sailings, we are able to obtain an additional donation for the charity from the cruise line subject to an agreed level of participation.

Our Group Travel Program allows you the opportunity to increase revenue from both existing and new donors through the provision of perceived value associated with quality leisure travel. A minimum of 20 adults traveling together is required in order to qualify as a group.

Individual Travel Program ◊

We are able to offer a discount on individual travel arrangements exceeding $2000.00 which are reserved by your members and donors directly through Scots-American Travel Advisors. This discount would be provided to the individual traveler on the understanding that a donation in the amount of the discount would be made by that individual to your organization.
On approaching us for travel arrangements, the donor would register your name as the "participating charity" and permit us to advise you of the donor's name and contact information in order to alert you to the probable receipt of a donation which, subject to tax professional advice, constitutes a tax deductible donation from the participant.

Our Individual Travel Program provides the individual traveler with quality customized travel arrangements and allows you the opportunity to increase revenue from members and donors at no additional cost to themselves.


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