Rail Europe - Rail Terms and Conditions

Rail Europe Group (REG) reserves the right to change prices without notice whether such changes are related or not to alterations in rates of exchange.

1. Applications for refunds must be submitted by the client to the office where the pass, ticket or reservation was purchased. Expired tickets/passes are non refundable. No refund can be made unless the pass or ticket can be produced. No refund will be made in Europe for tickets/passes issued by REG. No refund can be given on tickets/pass purchased in Europe. Passes, tickets or reservations must not be removed from their ticket cover and must bear no evidence of having been tampered with in any way. Refund amounts are posted to the original form of payment.

2. Eurail Global passes, Eurail Select Passes, Eurail Regional and National Passes are refundable only if totally unused and unvalidated and received within one year from the issue date. Six months for the following passes: Austria, Scan and Britrail pass. Please note that the Czech Flexipass and Prague Excursion pass are refundable up to seven months from the date of issue. All refunds are subject to minimum 15% cancellation fee. Rail 'N Drive passes are not refundable if either the rail or car portion has been used. Saverpasses, Twin passes and Party Passes are not refundable if partially used. Validated and partially used passes are non refundable

3. Premier trains tickets are refundable based on the "after sales" rules of the type of ticket purchased (click on "details" of the products at the time of booking, also printed on the ticket). Refunds, when applicable, are possible only if the ticket is received in our office within the time frame allowed for a refund. Cancellation fee varies from 0 to 100%

4. Britrail Point-to-Point Tickets are refundable only if totally unused, unvalidated and must be received by the issuing office within 6 months from the date of issue. A 15% cancellation fee applies. Roundtrip tickets used one way are not refundable.

5. Totally unused point-to-point tickets received by the issuing office prior to the first date of validity are refundable. Tickets received after the first day of validity are refundable if canceled and stamped "not-used" by a railway official, at the station of departure. These tickets are refundable up to six months from the last day of validity. All refunds are subject to a 15% cancellation fee. Tickets submitted after the first day of validity, which have not been cancelled, are not refundable.

6. Sleepers and Couchettes: For cancellations in North America, the unused ticket must be received by Rail Europe at least 24 hours before the train departure date. If clients are in Europe, ticket must be stamped cancelled by a railway official at the station of departure at least 24 hours before the train departure date. 15% cancellation fee applies. If space not cancelled and ticket received after the travel date, no refund is allowed.

7. Non-refundable Products: Paris Visite, Paris Museums, Great British Heritage Pass, London Travel Card, Fly-Rail Baggage, Original London Sightseeing Tour, Rail Protection Plan, Seat Reservations

8. Where no other time frame for refund is specified in this website, refund requests for tickets, passes, tours & packages must be received by rail Europe within six months of the issue date. Once tour/package is confirmed a refund is not allowed. Special refund conditions apply to Swiss packages - please check at the time of booking.

9. Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended.

Most trains offer a choice of smoking or nonsmoking accommodations, but some trains offer only nonsmoking.

Lost Tickets and Passes:
REG is not responsible for passes, tickets or vouchers which are lost, stolen, mutilated or destroyed. Refunds cannot be authorized in such cases. To protect yourself against such losses please refer to our Rail Protection Plan.

Advance Booking:
Please apply for your passes and other tickets at least 7 business days prior to your departure from North America. REG will always try to help if less notice is given, but REG is not responsible for delays in delivery service or otherwise. If a product is ordered at short notice, REG will charge an additional fee for overnight delivery service. When ordering, please include your date of departure from North America.



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