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- Cruising in the North Atlantic, visiting Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Here we can only give you a taste of the North Atlantic - mere words cannot do justice to the reality of the voyage itself. New and different experiences await you on Smyril Line.

With the M / F Norröna, the vacation starts when you step on board. The comfortable cabins, extensive leisure facilities and entertainment all invite you to relax and enjoy yourself as you head towards your destination.

There is something magical about the summer in the far north. Imagine sitting reading a book outside at 10 o’clock. Imagine watching the sun set at 11:30 p.m. Imagine the feeling of adventure as the Norrona approaches your destination. In the ship’s large starboard lounge visitors can sit in peace and watch the world go by, or perhaps chat with fellow travelers and swap stories and tips.

In the evenings you have a choice of the lounge bar, night club or sit on the deck and enjoy the long light evening. You can enjoy fine dining in the a la carte restaurant, a smorgasbord table in the buffet restaurant, a coffee in the café or a beer in the bar.



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