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Join Un-Cruise Adventures to engage and explore remote places by small expedition vessel, upscale yacht, or Victorian-style steamer—along with 22-88 like-minded adventurers—for an uncommon experience.

Unrushed. Uncrowded. Unbelievable. Un-Cruise Adventures are unmatched, hands-on small group explorations. With several styles to choose from: Active; Luxury; Heritage; and Charter Adventures—you have an inviting alternative to your typical cruise. Kayaks and whales, snorkels and totems, mountains and desert, service and wine. Uncover your adventure today—then pack your bags and venture into some of nature’s most exciting playgrounds and historic ports for exploration, eye-to-eye wildlife encounters, and Living History.

Discover something special. Alaska, Mexico’s Sea of Cortés, Columbia & Snake Rivers, Hawaiian Islands, and Coastal Washington & British Columbia. Choose to Un-Cruise!

What is your Un-Cruise Adventures Style?

We offer four styles of adventure to choose from. Each style offers a distinct focus, personality, and range of activities. And depending on which style you choose and which boat you’re on, the amenities and activities included may vary, but they are all exceptional.

With each of our adventure styles, the atmosphere is always casual, the service attentive, and our bridge is open. Once on board, you’re expected to relax, give in to the beauty of the moment, and leave the stresses of the world at home. Our onboard Expedition and Legacy Leaders guide your way and the wildlife is always unleashed. So without further ado, it’s time to consider your options: unwind each day with a microbrew or glass of wine; a backdrop of cactus-clad desert rims or snow-capped mountains; kayaking, trekking, and snorkeling or seeing history come to life—the choice is yours.

Active Adventures

Expedition-style explorations equipped for action and delivered from aboard all three of our expedition vessels:  Wilderness Adventurer,  Wilderness Discoverer,  Wilderness Explorer.

Focused on experiencing life on the outside—rain or shine—activities like kayaking, standup paddle boarding (SUP), treks ashore, and explorations by inflatable skiff top the agenda. More

Luxury Adventures

Upscale voyages loaded with extra amenities, soft-adventure, and exclusive excursions are offered aboard these upscale yachts:  Safari Endeavour, Safari Explorer,  Safari Quest,  Safari Voyager.

Indulge in the good life. We balance adventurous activities by mixing them up with cultural encounters, and personal touches like evening turn-down service. More

Heritage Adventures

History comes to life afloat and ashore with Living History programs. Historical characters are revealed and included amenities unfold aboard a replica Victorian-style steamship: S.S. Legacy.

Time doesn’t stand still, but at times it may seem so. In the wake of some of North America’s early explorers, Legacy Leaders guide you on a stimulating journey of colorful places and fascinating people. More

Charter Adventures

There’s nothing like privacy! And chances are—with maximum capacities of 22, 36, 60, 64, 76, 86, and 88—we have the perfect boat to fit your group size. Every vessel afloat in the Un-Cruise fleet is available for a private charter.  More


Active Adventures - Unbridled Explorations!
Active Adventures cruise the following destinations: Alaska and Coastal Washington & British Columbia

Come play. We play in the water. In the woods. Even in the mud. We think it’s pretty cool and our guests tend to agree. It’s all about the untamed wild and woolly wilderness and the many ways you get to discover it. No matter your interest, our goal is to provide you with a mix of outdoor opportunities while making it easy to enjoy moments or hours of escape and relaxation. The choice and pace are yours.

Delivered from aboard our expedition boats, our Active Adventures are for spirited, energetic explorers. So it’s only natural that they’re fitted out with an extensive assortment of equipment and amped up adventure to accommodate your unleashed energy. We provide the adventure, equipment, opportunities, meals, the fun, expert crew, and the boat—the rest is up to you.

What sets them apart…

- Higher, longer outdoor activity and more of it
- More outdoor guides in crew complement
- Healthy meals, served buffet-style or plated
- Alcohol and massage are extra cost items
- Snorkel equipment and wetsuits for rent
- Port fees and taxes are separate charges
- Economical price point

Activity Levels & Action: Get Ready. Get Set. Go.  You could be kayaking and standup paddle boarding (SUP) one morning and snorkeling the next. Another day may offer a gentle afternoon shore walk or have you feeling the muscles burn with a rigorous hike (even a little bushwhacking). And if you just feel like taking it easy, that’s okay, too. For those who take their adventure on the lighter side, you can enjoy riding in the skiff or chatting up the Captain on the bridge.

Whether you are looking for mild, moderate or rigorous outdoor pursuits, or a more Zen wilderness experience, we offer activities to suit a variety of skill levels. We rank our trekking excursions with an activity level to ensure the right fit: 1 – Easy; 2 – Moderate; 3 – Challenging; 4 – Strenuous; 5 – Difficult. Depending on where you might be exploring, the Expedition Leaders and guides on board will provide the insight needed for you to make a safe and enjoyable choice.

Gearing Up
Sometimes when you’re outside and incredibly still, the nature around you just comes alive. And we believe there is no better way to get closer to isolated reaches than on an Un-Cruise. Our flexible schedule offers you unique opportunities to be on the water or ashore when and where nature beckons. Our expedition boats are equipped with top-of-the-line kayaks and SUPs. There is a nominal daily use charge for snorkeling gear and wet suits. Limited quantities of hiking poles, binoculars, mud boots, and rain gear are available on board for your use, but to ensure availability, fit, and comfort, we strongly encourage you to bring your own.

The kayak equipment we use is designed to make kayaking accessible to everyone – including the true beginner or 80 years old. The easy access and stability of our kayaks also makes them suitable for any physical fitness level. Our custom EZ Dock launching systems have been specially designed to allow for the comfortable and quick deployment of multiple kayaks at a time. The Active Adventure fleet features sporty tandem “Looksha T” and “Manitou II” Necky kayaks.

Paddle boards
Even if you have never tried it before, the advanced design of our onboard paddle boards provide excellent performance for entry level through intermediate surfers.

Trekking & Hiking Poles
We have a limited supply of ultra-light, compact, yet strong trekking and hiking poles that offer easy pole length adjustment and comfortable grips for guest use.

Depending, on your location, adventure activities offered may include:
Beachcombing & Shore Walks
Whale watching
Unbelievable kayaking and SUPing
Inflatable boat excursions
Morning yoga and stretching
Treks in the wilderness, to a cave, or along shore
Glacier viewing
Glacier hikes
Untamed wildlife observation
“Polar bear plunges”
Tropical beachcombing
Discoveries by underwater hydrophone and bow-mounted camera
Engaging cultural encounters
Snorkeling (nominal fee)
Inflatable Skiff Explorations

Adventure opportunities abound, but just in case you want more, we’ve arranged some additional excursions with local experts to further enhance your experience. Guided fishing, flight seeing, camping trips (to name a few) are available for purchase on board.
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Luxury Adventures - Unparalleled Experiences
Luxury Adventures cruise the following destinations: Alaska, Hawaiian Islands, Mexico's Sea of Cortés, and Coastal Washington & British Columbia

It’s about the luxury of experiences—nature’s generous displays; timeless days; freedom to unwind; and indulging yourself, just a little. It’s a place where discriminating travelers embark on voyages that combine comfortable, upscale cruising with adventurous activities and exclusive, cultural discoveries. And as connoisseurs of experience, it’s something we take to heart.

Luxury Adventures aboard our upscale yachts provide curious travelers with an array of included amenities and services that allow you to escape. And depending on where you are, the adventure toys you need—like kayaks, standup paddle boards (SUPs), sailboats, snorkel gear, hiking poles, and rubber boots—are always provided. Connecting with your environment happens naturally. Nature and encounters set the pace.

What makes them special…

Exclusive arrangements and more included excursions
Indulging onboard relaxation
Gourmet cuisine and finer dining, served over several courses
Fine wine, premium spirits and microbrews are included
All from-the-boat activities and equipment are included
No extra charge for port fees or taxes
Moderate to high price point
Expanded private charter options—22 to 86 guests

Comforts & Exclusivity: Living the Good Life
Take a breather. Have a fantastic, easy-going day—stroll along a beach or take a 2-hour trek at modest elevation or to a “great to be alive” waterfall. Back on board, go for a shore-hugging spin in the kayak or skiff, then into the hot tub for a double bubbly of muscle warming and complimentary champagne. Nothing too extreme and surely something you’ll feel good about. Inside and out.

Our small guest numbers keep your experience exclusive and personal. We engage local experts to ensure you have an opportunity to learn as much about what you are seeing and experiencing as you want. Experiences on or off the boat are designed to provide adventures few travelers ever experience.

Personal Comforts
Each of our upscale yachts is designed with your comfort in mind and appointed with thoughtful touches that invite you to relax and unwind. Your crew sees to the smallest details, each one eager to make your adventure extra special.

Full bathrooms with en suite showers; some Jacuzzi tubs (Safari Endeavour, Safari Explorer); heated tile floors (Safari Endeavour suites; Safari Explorer; Safari Quest)
Tempur-Pedic® memory-foam products (Safari Endeavour suites; Safari Explorer; Safari Quest)
Terry bathrobes, slippers, alarm clocks and hair dryers
TVs with DVD players (Safari Voyager suites; Safari Endeavour; Safari Explorer; Safari Quest) and iPod docking stations in all staterooms
Some two-room suites or upper category staterooms with French balconies (Safari Endeavour; Safari Explorer; Safari Quest)
A complimentary massage (Safari Endeavour; Safari Explorer; Safari Voyager)
On-deck hot tubs (Safari Endeavour; Safari Explorer; Safari Quest)
Fitness equipment
Saunas (Safari Endeavour; Safari Explorer)
Wine bar (Safari Endeavour); wine library (Safari Explorer); view library (Safari Voyager)
DVD and book library including educational, fiction and non-fiction titles

Adventure Equipment
Our exclusive Luxury Adventures provide a spectrum of activities—all designed to make your time with us as engaging, active, and varied as you like. Whether your prefer kayaking, hiking and stand-up paddle boarding or snorkeling in a fish sanctuary, soaking in the hot tub and tasting regional wines, your greatest challenge will be choosing how to spend your time. Aside from that, all you really have to do is enjoy the adventure.

Kayaking allows you to view both wildlife and natural wonders in a safe, comfortable, unforgettable way. Feel the enormity of nature from the face of a glacier. Explore the waters for an unparalleled view of surfacing whales. Or just drift and revel in the quiet solitude. No other cruise line can present you with opportunities like these. The kayak equipment we use is designed to make kayaking accessible to everyone–including the true beginner or 80 years old. The easy access and stability of our kayaks also makes them suitable for any fitness level. Swim steps on the Safari Quest and Safari Explorer make maneuvering into a kayak easy, and the EZ Dock launch system on the Safari Endeavour has been specially designed to allow for the comfortable and quick deployment of multiple kayaks at a time.

Paddle boards
Kids, young adults, and older folk alike brave the stand-up paddle boards while on an Un-Cruise Adventure. The advanced design paddle boards our yachts carry make even the most trepid adventurer give it a try–even if it’s just on their knees.

Trekking Poles

For your convenience, we have a limited supply of ultra-light, compact, yet strong trekking poles that offer easy pole length adjustment and comfortable grips for guest use.

Depending, on your location, adventure activities offered may include:
Beachcombing & Shore Walks
Glacier Viewing
Inflatable Skiff Explorations
Paddle Boarding
Polar Bear Plunges
Whale Watching
Wilderness Hikes
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Heritage Adventures - Unfolding History
Heritage Adventures cruise the following destinations: Alaska and Columbia & Snake Rivers

Long, long ago and far away… there’s no actual time travel involved; however, you will transcend the modern era. Relive days of yore aboard a replica Victorian steamer on an unparalleled journey. History comes to life. Learn and feel the spirit of an illustrious past with exhibits ashore and onboard Legacy reenactments, where our Legacy Leaders bring back heroes of yesteryear.

Every destination has a beginning and when you sail aboard the S.S. Legacy on one of our Heritage Adventures, we bring it all forward. Period décor defines an atmosphere as elegant and refined as the era; and modern amenities provide extra pampering. After a day of touring, enjoy an evening cocktail and spin on the dance floor or soak in the on-deck hot tub.

What defines the experience…

- Legacy reenactments bring history to life
- Greater quantity of port calls or shore visits
- Visits to museums and historical sites
- Dance floor for entertaining evenings on board
- Educational presentations by onboard Legacy Leaders
- Gourmet cuisine and fine dining
- Fine wine, premium spirits and microbrews are included
- No extra charge for port fees or taxes
- Moderate to high price point

Living History: Visions of the Past
Nautical history, human history, the history of nations—it tells many stories. And history doesn’t just come to life—we bring it to life. It comes alive in historic ports steeped in legend and fact; on tours that guide you through time; during visits with local historians and native peoples who unfold the past; and with characters of yore who join you to share their stories… our Heritage Adventures beckon.

Perhaps your very ancestors sailed the seas making discoveries of their own and meeting fascinating personalities. Sharing that same sense of adventure you could find yourself being greeted by Teddy Roosevelt, founder of the National Park Service; standing on the bow alongside John Muir, awed by the thunderous crack of a glacier; or finding inspiration, as a budding photographer and geographer, listening to the tales of Eliza Scidmore.

Timely Elements

You won’t have to don buckskin or a coonskin cap, but you may encounter someone who does. Either way, we’ll make your journey memorable in unimaginable ways:

Interpretive staff prepares you for visits ashore
Characters appear in period costume
Presentations by knowledgeable historians
Expert guest speakers step on board keeping history alive
See important artifacts in the regions visited
Local residents share their heritage
Informative activities to enhance your place in time
Coastal steamer replica with Victorian-style decor
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Charter Adventures - Unforgettable Moments.

With a private charter, it’s all about you. Charters provide an excellent way to bring together family, friends, or a corporate incentive group without the hassle of arranging provisions, crew, or routes. With a wide range of sizes—22, 36, 60, 76, 86, 88—there’s a boat written with your group size all over it. Let us tailor a Charter Adventure with your special focus in mind—complete with activities, crew, and expedition staff. We handle all the details, leaving you to sit back and soak in the experience of a lifetime.

Private Group Travel
For groups of travelers who share a common interest or mission, whether it be an affinity group or a corporate team, we offer a full-service platform to meet your needs. Companies can tap into team-building activities and U.S. flag tax breaks. The privacy afforded by a charter is unparalleled and the natural settings and activities available for discretionary time are incomparable. Imagine finishing up a meeting or socializing and then stepping out on deck to photograph humpback whales or kayaking and sailing in a pristine cove.

Private Family Cruises
There are many reasons why families and friends take time to relax and travel together: birthdays, retirement, reunions, anniversaries, weddings, or “just because.” These events create lasting memories. Our boats are ideally suited for those unique occasions in life. We’ll work with you to customize a Charter Adventure in which all the pieces come together effortlessly. Simply tell us what you’d like, and we make it happen.

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